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the INNOVATIVE car care shampoo 

3 in 1.

cleans. protects. shines.



… and it works as easily: 

/Rinse your vehicle with clean water.
// Use 10ml per used liter of warm water.
/// Clean the vehicle from top to bottom with a clean sponge, while rinsing out the sponge with clean water regularly.
//// To finalize use a light jet of water and dry.
! For more extended shine & protection use the .

The unique car-wellness experience.
3 in 1 /// Cleans. Protects. Shines.

Bring your vehicle back to full speed with the . This unique care treatment with a detox effect helps your vehicle to a shiny, strong appearance.

The  is a high quality 3 in 1 shampoo for a deep pore cleansing, which not only detoxifies the lacquer, but also protects and makes it shine instantly.

As known from our products, the  has a protectiv effect, acts against insects, environmental influences and the UV filter defends the sun rays.



Just purified! A 3 in 1 shampoo with a detox effect which you can see, feel and experience immediately.

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