///reloader en

the innovative car care product

For the exterior & INterior 


… it works as easily:

/Spray sparingly on a clean surface
//Dry with a soft microfibre cloth
///Enjoy the new  <<Look and Feel>>


Cares & cleans your vehicle inside and out

The /// reloader’s unique synthetic micro-polymer ingredients care for, seal and protect the surfaces and not only give a look as good as new, but also contribute to maintaining value. Non-greasy.

Protects against dirt and UV rays

The combination of unique synthetic polymer compounds from /// reloader seals and protects the surface. Wich protects the paint from aging too quickly and delays re-soiling.

The unique UV protection polymers act as a sunscreen and prevent the yellowing and fading of the paint with regular use. The /// reloader thus contributes to the value retention

Your vehicle.


Patented against brake dust

Special protective polymers from the /// reloader act as a protective layer and prevent the brake dust from burning into the rims. The disgusting brake dust can thus be largely and effortlessly removed with a jet of water.


Gives chrome & lacquer noble shine

The particular combination of synthetic polymer compounds from the /// reloader ensures incredible surface smoothness and deep gloss. Paint and chrome surfaces shine again in new car optics.


Emits water sparkling

The combination of extremely hydrophobic polymers ensures incredible surface smoothness and hydrophobicity. The water bubbles off playfully, and the /// reloader thus provides a beautiful and neat look.

Acts as insect & stain remover

The unique micro-polymer ingredients of the /// reloader maintain, seal, and protect the surface. The caring formula reduces the adhesion of insect debris, which can be removed much easier as on unkempt and unprotected surfaces.

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